Door & Hardware Installation of Indiana is a small construction company located in Peru, Indiana. Office coordinator, Samantha Hall, joined the company about two years ago. While she hasn’t been with the company for very long, Door & Hardware has been around since 1993.

Working mainly in Indiana, they occasionally have projects out of state, as well. They install doors, hardware, frames, partitions, toilets, accessories, and cabinets. Samantha says that their main customers are hospitals, schools, and colleges. They are a union-based construction company. 

Samantha understands the need for adequate insurance, especially within the construction industry. The consequences can be detrimental to the business if they were to be caught in a situation without proper coverage.

“We need adequate insurance so we can stay a functioning business. If any kind of accident were to happen, we have the insurance to back us up and to cover the costs if an employee were to get hurt,” says Samantha.

Samantha works closely with NBIG agent Terry Smith. Everytime Samantha gets a new contract, she sends it over to Terry who makes sure the new project is properly insured usually within the next day or two. Giving a certificate of insurance back to Samantha, she knows that everything is taken care of.

“We have a really good working relationship. He has been there with all the questions I’ve ever had because this is still a little new to me, the insurance aspect of the business. So at the beginning I had a lot of questions and he was always on top of it to answer all of them,” says Samantha.

Samantha notes that she feels lucky. Door & Hardware hasn’t had any accidents on job sites since she has been with the company. However, she recalls a few instances where her insurance policies came in handy.

The first instance was when two employees were leaving a job site and were in a small motor-vehicle accident on their way home. Normally, accidents that occur on the way home from a job could be overlooked in an insurance policy but luckily, Door & Hardware and their employees were covered. Samantha said that costs were covered and the claim was well-handled by NBIG.

Samantha shared another story where NBIG’s expertise in construction-related insurance came in handy. Door & Hardware started a project with a contractor who was being very particular about a bond. Samantha says that Terry remained patient throughout the whole process, editing the bond policies several times until the contractor was completely satisfied. After the contracts were finalized, Door & Hardware started the project and everything went smoothly.

“I have had a great experience working with NBIG. I have not had any problems with them whatsoever. If anyone is shopping around for an insurance company, NBIG is the company to use.”

We are proud to serve clients like Door & Hardware and we look forward to a lasting partnership with Samantha and the rest of the Door & Hardware team. Contact an NBIG agent to learn more about our insurance offerings and services. We are here to help!


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