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Over the last decade, our team identified countless weaknesses in policies written for Hardware Stores, Building Material Dealers, Material Distributors and Contractors by generalist agencies. We found that these agencies don’t fully understand the challenges faced by these industries, leaving insureds on the hook for uncovered losses. 

National Builders Insurance Group (NBIG), a division of The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency, serves to protect the individuals and companies in these industries by implementing specialized programs with underwriting guidelines designed to identify even the most minuscule exposures. The measures that we have taken result in faster quoting, lower pricing, and ongoing loss mediation for your business; taking the pain out of your buying process and giving you peace of mind. 

As a Trusted Choice Advisor and reputable independent insurance provider of Personal and Commercial products for nearly 100 years, the NBIG division of The Smith Sawyer Smith Agency knows the management processes, requirements, and unique hazards that are involved in construction-related industries. With our expertise, we will work tirelessly to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and pertinent information to help your business succeed. 

Our policies are built for you and built to last.

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